Florence Ottinger – The Early Years (1874 – 1890)

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Florence Keating was born on January 29, 1874 (though it’s possible she was born in 1872 or 74). She was the fourth of at least ten children born to John David Ottinger and Maria Doman.  John and Maria were both born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They lived in Philadelphia until at least 1885. By 1887, they were living in Woodbury, New Jersey before moving to Camden by 1890.

John Ottinger was born on August 18, 1847, Maria on July 16, 1849. They married on October 22, 1867 at St. Michael’s Church in Philadelphia. For the first few years of their marriage, they lived with Maria’s parents, Isaac and Maria Doman. John worked as a weaver.  Their children: Maria (1869-1939), Louisa (1870-1887), Mary (1873-1932), Florence (1874-1840), Nellie (1876-1923), Elizabeth (1878-1949), Stella (1880-1941), John David, Jr. (1885-1967), George (1889 – ?), Marie (1900 – ?). All but George and Marie were born in Pennsylvania.

They had a relatively stable home life, remaining at the same address from 1879-1884.  They lived in and around today’s modern day Kensington neighborhood and North Central Philly neighborhoods. This tracks as John Ottinger and Maria’s father, Isaac Domain, both worked in the textile industry which was prominent in Kensington during this period.  The death of their daughter, Louisa, was the first evidence that the family had moved to Woodbury, NJ. Their son, George, was later born there in Jan of 1889.

In 1890, they move to 224 Line Street, where they remain until 1894. Florence married John J. Keating on January 1, 1891. They make their home with Florence’s parents until at least 1892.


1870 U.S. Census

On June 16, 1870, John and Maria are recorded as living with Isaac and Maria Doman. Their daughter, Maria, is aged two. John’s occupation is a trimmer in a woolen mill.

City Directories in the 1870s

In 1870, Isaac Doman is recorded as living at 1146 Charlotte Street, a street which was renamed in Oriana Street in 1897. This same address is given for Isaac in 1872.

In 1873, John Ottinger, foreman, is living at Marshall Street, a few blocks from Charlotte. The Doman family has also moved to 1523 North 7th Street, still in the neighborhood.

In 1874, no John listed while Isaac’s family is still living at the 7th Street address. This is true of 1876.

In 1877, John Ottinger is living on 623 Huntington Street (near present day Temple University). He is living there in 1878 as well.

In 1879, John Ottinger, weaver, is living at 2161 Darrien Street.

1880 U.S. Census

On June 7, 1880, John D. Ottinger is recorded as living at 2161 Darrien Street, working at a stocking mill. He is 32 years of age; his wife Maria is 30. Their daughter, Maria, is 11, and is at home. She is no longer in school. New children are reported: Louisa (10), Mary (7), Florence (5), Nellie (3), and Lizzie (1). Only Louisa is recorded as having attended school in the last year.

City Directories in 1880s

In 1881, 1882, 1883, and 1884, John Ottinger, weaver, are living at 2161 Darrien Street.

Leaving Philadelphia

John David Ottinger, Jr.’s WW2 registration card places the family in Lansdale in 1885. Lansdale is northwest of Philadelphia, and explains why they’re not in the Philadelphia directories.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer on December 11, 1887, Louisa Ottinger, aged 17, and daughter of John and Maria, died on December 8 in Woodbury. She was buried in New Cathedral Cemetery in Philadelphia.

George F. Ottinger’s WW1 registration card also places the family in Woodbury at the time of his birth in January 1889.

Residence in Camden

In 1890, John is listed as living at 224 Line Street in Camden, NJ, working as a weaver. His wife is listed as Maria.

Florence marries John J. Keating on January 1, 1891, living at the Line street address.

John & Florence are still living with her family in 1891 and 1892.

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