At the moment, my genealogical research is scattered across four or five websites, half-finished RootsMagic databases, and written notes. I’ve been trying to gather all of that into a blog for years, but I usually give up. It’s one of my resolutions for 2017 to organize this better so that my blog will be the source of my research.

I have trained as a historian, which has made some of the routine and tedious research tactics a lot easier. I love to make lists and organize information for my research projects, so I’m eager to follow here.

I’ll blog about different family lines and research methods as well as figure out the best way to show the information I have obtained and then log that information into my own personal database. I’ll do long form investigations of one particular family (such asĀ The Games of Troston & Stowlangtoft, Suffolk) or work on one set of relatives for a few linked posts (the Mary and Kate series).

At the moment, obviously, this blog is more for me than anyone else, but if you stumble across any information that looks it might be connected to your background, please feel free to drop me a comment.