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Mary Mahoney: Her Death

After 1920, Mary Mahoney Hartman Lyden Cannon disappears from the records. She is recorded in the 1920 census as living at 227 Mercer Street in Gloucester City, New Jersey with her two granddaughters, Florence and Beatrice. Their mother and her second husband (Kate Agnes and Ernest Barnes) are not listed anywhere else in the 1920 census, which has led me to believe they’ve simply just been missed in the collection of the data. By 1930, Mary is no longer living at the address but Kate Agnes and Ernest remain there. Florence and Beatrice are both married by that point and Mary is not living with either of them.

Some years ago when I was doing my active research, I searched death records at the State Archives in Trenton from 1920-1930 for Mary Cannon, Mary Lyden, Mary Mahoney, and Mary Hartman. She is nowhere. Despite her living with my grandmother’s mother, no stories have been passed down about her death.

I plan to return to the archives to go through them again and also consider obituaries from my own local newspapers: Courier Post and Gloucester City News, but neither have been digitized so it’s been low on my list.


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